Your views on applications received

One of the functions of the Parish Council is to comment on planning applications within the Parish. Only neighbouring properties receive notification of applications, and are invited by the council to give their views. However, everyone is at liberty to submit their opinions for consideration by the planning authorities.

To see a summary planning applications in the parish, with details of how to comment on outstanding applications and of past applications with their outcomes: follow the link below, choose 'Fangfoss and Bolton Parish Council' from the drop-down menu opposite 'Parish' and press 'Search' at the foot of the page. You can then follow the prompts to submit your views on current applications.


Your application

The Parish Council receives plans from the East Riding and these are generally discussed at the monthly meetings. However, the turnaround time from receipt of plans by the clerk is generally around two weeks and this can mean that decisions have to be taken outside of a meeting. As applications can be viewed on line, in these cases the clerk alerts the councillors to the existence of the plans and canvasses their opinion before returning a decision based on the majority. If you are submitting plans, please therefore be aware of the possibility that you may not be able to attend a meeting at which your plans are put before the council. If you would like to be advised when your plans arrive in the parish, please contact the clerk at the time you submit them and ask to be kept informed. To maximise the possibility of them being discussed at a meeting, it is probably best to submit them around the beginning of the month.